Research & Development

Whether it is a novel concept or the next generation of your product, StaniPharm can efficiently move your product along the development path.

Our R&D team offers product development services from early proof of concept studies to the manufacturing of preclinical pilot batches. Most our contract R&D projects comprise the development and validation of tailored analytical methods.

Our R&D tools are constantly evolving to enhance the understanding of the process and product.


Some challenges our supercritical fluid technology platform has solved for our customers.

  • Bioavailibility enhancement of poorly soluble drugs through the development of crystalline drug nanoparticles
  • Manufacturing of the most stable crystalline form of a drug which is harvested as a metastable polymorph using conventional crystallization processes
  • Cost efficient desolvation of a sensitive solvate form to produce the stable solvent-free form
  • Removal of residual solvents in pharmaceutical formulations which are not stable upon conventional drying methods
  • Purification of a sensitive injectable polymer, removal of residual solvents and reaction impurities
  • Supercritical fluid drying of a bioresorbable medical device