The unique properties of supercritical fluids make it possible to operate environmentally-conscious and highly selective extraction and purification processes.

A few examples of purification challenges we have solved for our customers:

  • Extraction of medicinal plants
  • Fractionation of a medical polymer: manufacturing of narrow Mw fractions
  • Purification of a medical copolymer: removal of reactive monomers (e.g. acrylate), synthesis impurities, low Mw polymers and organic solvents
  • Purification of medical devices: extraction of leachables (e.g. residual cyclic siloxanes in silicone polymers)
  • Cleaning of medical devices: removal of oils, waxes, lubricants in precision medical parts or medical textiles
  • Supercritical fluid debinding of precision ceramic parts
  • Fractionation of complex polar lipids (glycolipids, sphingolipids)
  • Deoiling of pharmaceutical grade lecithin
  • Deoiling of a fatty natural raw material prior to isolation of active proteins (immunotherapy pharmaceutical product)
  • Extraction of high boiling point residual organic solvent from fragile active pharmaceutical ingredients or polymers
  • Residual solvent extraction for pharmaceutical injectable depot formulation (drug-loaded polyester microspheres)
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